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Everything can be made, as long as it has
a heart, a “raison d'être”.

Everything can be made, as long as it has a heart, a “raison d'être”.

Not just a jewelry store, but a “forge of dreams”...
Tell us about your dream, and it will remain yours forever!

This showroom-cum-workshop is right in the heart of Florence, near the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria.

It is here that the history of the symbolic Renaissance town blends with that of all of us; it is here that Camilla and Susi transform an idea, a photo, a memory into something precious “forever”.

Alisi Gioielli was not born at a precise moment. The dream of two sisters became reality when they began their adventure together in May 2001: Camilla, whose long-time experience with international fashion companies combines her skills with those of Susi, already an experienced designer in foremost jewelry companies.

And every day, in Via Porta Rossa 60R, Camilla and Susi work together to transform a desire, a dream, a feeling, into something real and unique.

Over the years, we have made hundreds of personalized jewels; we have seen the children we had portrayed for their mothers, now adults, asking us to create something to make their own weddings unique. Because the dream continues...

Our aim is to produce pieces that have a meaning, that refer to an event, an occasion, a happy day, a memory …
Everything can be made as long as it has a heart, a reason for being. For Susi it is impossible to design something without an emotion, a story, a desire, because every jewel, to be an Alisi Gioielli creation, must have a “heart”.

Alisi gioielli showroom

How is an Alisi Gioielli collection born?
Our philosophy is to make personalized jewelry.

There are moments in our lives and in the lives of our loved ones that deserve to be “stopped” and remembered forever, with a jewel to celebrate a birth, a First Communion, an exam, a new job, a promotion, an important anniversary, a birthday or just to say”I am thinking of you, I care about you...”.

There, in Via Porta Rossa 60R, in the historic center of Florence: Alisi Gioielli Showroom.

Susi Alisi for Firenze Marathon

“Some run to show off, others to support a charity or cause, still others aim for their ideal time. One thing is for sure: all runners run for the medal which, glistening, awaits them at the finish. The medal marks self-fulfillment, identifies athletes among running mates and testifies to hard work and dedication.

And that's why for the various editions, I wanted to create a medal that would enclose the artistic beauty of Florence, a keepsake awarded to runners to be exhibited and worn with pride.”

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Divina Skull

The skull, together with its multiple colors, represents the most powerful of contrasts between Life and Death.
Usually gothic and associated with death, in this case it becomes a hymn to life.

It helps us not to take ourselves too seriously, reminding us that we must enjoy life at all times.

A skull is a powerful but almost banal symbol with its stillness. We have to look beyond, add make-up and a wig to brighten it up and exorcise it. Let's put in a good dose of joy and TRANSformism and our future will spring to life.

Each piece is unmistakable, unique and numbered, handmade according to the best Florentine goldsmiths' tradition.

Divina Skull is craftsmanship that meets innovation. Every detail of each jewel is customizable: the materials, the glazing and the stones used.
Divina makes people unique by creating jewels that truly reflect their nature: it makes the purchase an exciting experience, and it's cool to have a creation that no one else has.

“Today I feel … “ is the motto of DIVINA, a philosophy that aims to express one's character through a jewel that is not just an accessory.

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Ali di Venere

Ali di Venere is an artistic craft project inspired by Florence and women. It stems from the desire to make known the female figures who have made history and left their mark on the world.
We embarked on this journey through time and art together with Sara Innocenti, the well-known Florentine influencer and digital guide, the “Inflorencer” who, while studying in depth the life of these female personages, realized how close their stories and their lives are to our own, how they could well have been women of today.
Together we have tried to interpret and bring to light their messages. Susi has designed them in a modern key, emphasizing a predominant side of their character; we may recognize ourselves in some of these figures of the past and possibly wish to carry forward their ideas.

We have attributed to each a symbol that represents them and a quote that they themseles might have expressed as their message, and in which every woman today may recognize herself. We then created a line of jewelry and accessories with the symbols designed by Susi.

A Limited Edition of pink t-shirts was also produced in support of the “pink is good” project of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation. Part of the proceeds were donated for research and the prevention of female cancer.

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